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Samurai 360° (50% OFF)
Samurai 360° (50% OFF)
Samurai 360° (50% OFF)
Samurai 360° (50% OFF)
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Samurai 360° (50% OFF)
Samurai 360° (50% OFF)
Samurai 360° (50% OFF)
Samurai 360° (50% OFF)

Samurai 360° (50% OFF)

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The Best New Way to Cut, Chop, Slice, and Dice!

Whether you are cutting, chopping, slicing or dicing, the Samurai 360° will help you effortlessly achieve that. It's makes cutting so easy that you'll never use an ordinary knife again!

Revolutionary Round Blade

This blade rotates 360 degrees so you can get all of your cutting done with ease! This blade is sharp and precise, cutting through food in no time!

Samurai 360° Kitchen Knife Vs. Regular Knives

We've all used regular kitchen knives, they hit countertops, cutting boards, and are hard to control. Not only that, but they are frankly unsafe. However, with the Samurai 360° the blades stays in contact with the food at all times! It cuts as you roll forwards and backwards. And that's gonna save you a ton of time in the kitchen. "It's lightweight, it slices, it dices, and it cuts your time in half" - Isabella Kiersten.

Provides Maximum Control

Using sharp knives is very dangerous especially if you are using regular kitchen knives. But with the Samurai 360°, the handle is at the top allowing you to hold at the top of the blade. So you can be incredibly precise slice after slice! This will also be less demanding on your joints and muscles while significantly reducing the likelihood of you cutting yourself. "I have arthritis and when I use the Samurai 360° it's not challenging, it's not hurting my wrist".

Dishwasher Safe

Cutting is easy with the Samurai 360°, but so is cleaning. Just put that in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes and it will come out sparkling clean without getting damaged!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean the inside of the handle?

A: The Samurai 360° comes apart very easily. This allows for your to clean the whole blade and the inside of the handle.

Q: How do I sharpen the Samurai 360?

A: You can sharpen the Samurai 360 as you would any normal knife because the blade easily comes out.

Q: Does the Samurai 360° come with a blade cover?

A: Yes, the Samurai 360° does come with a blade cover!

Q: Where is Samurai360 located?

A: Samurai360 is located in Austin, Texas.

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